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Advancement to Fellow

Why Become A Fellow?

Steps to Earning FACHE:

​As a fellow, you will maximize your professional potential and when you become board certified in healthcare management, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.

Other benefits: 

  • Recognition as a top leader in healthcare management 

  • Competency in all categories of healthcare management 

  • Additional value personally and professionally 

  • Membership: Current membership with at least three years as ACHE member.

  • Advanced Degree: Master's degree or other post-baccalaureate degree required

  • Healthcare Management Experience: A current executive healthcare management position, in addition to, a minimum of five years of healthcare management experience. 

  • References: Must have two references.

  • Continuing Education: Must have a minimum of 36 continuing education hours related to healthcare management and administration.

  • Volunteer Activity: Must complete four volunteer activities within three years prior to submitting application.

  • Pass the exam

For more information, please click on the button below to take you directly to the ACHE website fellowship page:

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